Environmental policy

P&S Timbrell Decorators, as a small family run business with over 50 years of experience in the trade, recognises its responsibilities towards both the environment and the community in its various roles as service provider, employer and consumer.
We believe in the importance of environmental protection and improvement. We believe that the pursuit of best environmental practice makes sound commercial sense. We recognise that our business activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts, and we endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner. We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement to minimise our impact on the environment.

We have identified key impact areas, and set objectives and targets. Through the environmental programme we will strive to:

1. Integrate environmental considerations into business decision making

2. Exploit opportunities to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impact through our working practises, in areas such as energy management, waste reduction and recycling.

3. Raise awareness of all members of staff on environmental issues, and encourage them to make effective contribution to environmental improvement, both in work and within the local community.

4. Promote environmental best practise and suggest more environmentally friendly materials to our clients.

5. Comply with all regulatory requirements, notably in relation to the use of paints high in volatile organic compounds.

We will periodically review our performance to ensure that we are meeting our goals and we will publish reports annually. We fully recognise that we each have our part to play in contributing to environmental improvement. We readily accept our commitments and will continuously work to demonstrate responsibility on all environmental, social and community issues.

PURPOSE- The policy statement makes clear P&S Timbrell Decorators recognition of the significance of the environmental challenge for its business and for society, and shows how it will engage to meet the various challenges and opportunities.

SCOPE- The fulfilment of the Policy depends upon each member of staff playing their part as appropriate.

RESPONSIBILITIES- Mr S Timbrell as business partner has been appointed with the responsibility and authority to promote best possible environmental management.